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Afghanistan Tours, Travel to Afghanistan, Herat Tour and Afghan Travel

Afghanistan Tours, Travel to Afghanistan, Herat Tour and Afghan Travel , افغان تراول afghantravelaf

Afghanistan Tours, Travel to Afghanistan, Herat Tour and Afghan Travel

“The first tours of Afghanistan for tourists and foreign tourists, especially for the ancient and historical city of Herat”

ancient Herat; The city of science, culture and art with many historical, cultural, artistic and architectural works with an ancient civilization background is one of the best tourist destinations.

Herat Province; Afghanistan’s tourism, commercial, economic and industrial hub

Herat tour package details:

Duration of travel and stay: 3 nights and 4 days + plus round trip time

Registration conditions:
۱- Having a valid passport of the respective country 2- Complying and respecting the applicable laws of the two countries 3- Completing the tour registration form
required documents:
۱- Passport with a validity of at least six months 2- Six new photos with white front and back 3- Copy of passport and national card 4- Financial cost of the tour

Sending scan of passport and national card and personal photo through Telegram ID and official email of Afghan Travel


Telegram Id: @afghantravell_info

Completing the online registration form

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Ancient Herat tourist attractions:

To learn about the places and historical monuments and tourist attractions of ancient Herat that are included in the itinerary, refer to the following link

Cultural and recreational tour program:

Special for various cultural, artistic, entertainment and traditional programs of Afghanistan: Ch
– Visiting tourist attractions and historical and cultural monuments of Herat province
Performing local and national cultural, literary and artistic programs of Afghanistan live
– Performing local and national theater groups of Afghanistan
– Meeting with prominent cultural, artistic and literary personalities of Herat
– Visiting Herat’s art and traditional handicrafts exhibitions
– Attending Herat’s poetry, art and literature circles and meeting the elders of these fields
Visiting Herat handicrafts and antiques market
– Visiting Charsouq and the old and historical markets of Herat

– Urban and recreational tour by “Rigsha” as a traditional and recreational vehicle of Herat, which will make the excitement and pleasure of visiting the markets and sightseeing in the city of Herat last forever and will make your trip unforgettable.
Familiarity with foods and buying local and traditional souvenirs for Herat (Shiryakh, Halva, Shirpare, Shornokhod, Jalghuzeh, Kichiri, etc.)

Telegram: @afghantravell_info

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For more information, visit our Telegram channel and contact the following numbers via WhatsApp, IMO and Telegram:

AF: (+93) 797474514

Information channel for tours and travel plans to Afghanistan:


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